Queens Of The Stone Age Reveal If Dave Grohl Is Back


Dave Grohl has established himself as one of the most influential figures in rock music. His connection with Queens of the Stone Age can be traced back to their early days, when Grohl lent his drumming talents to their breakout album, “Songs for the Deaf”. Grohl’s thunderous drumming style and impeccable timing seamlessly integrated with QOTSA’s raw energy, resulting in a masterpiece that resonated with both critics and fans alike, but will he be back for more?

Sadly, for many fans of Queens Of The Stone Age and Dave Grohl, it does not look like Dave Grohl will be back with Queens Of The Stone Age on their newest effort as he is not listed in the liner notes of the album as you can see below. This can be due to all of the emotions that have held Dave back in the recent stint of two years through losing Taylor Hawkins and his mother, Virginia Grohl.

It is worth noting that Dave Grohl’s big involvement with Queens of the Stone Age has not been limited to the studio, so we still could very well see Grohl with Queens Of The Stone Age at live shows as a guest as long as the schedule lines up. He has frequently joined them on stage for live performances, igniting audiences with his electrifying drumming skills. These collaborations showcased the mutual admiration and respect between the two bands, creating an unforgettable concert experience for fans.

As of right now, it seems like while Grohl isn’t taking a break from music, per-se, he is taking a break from anything outside of the Foo Fighters in order to ensure that he gets everything together for their upcoming album, press release of their new drummer, and upcoming tour. Surely, while it isn’t ideal to not hear him with Queens Of The Stage, surely, the band understand what he is going through at this point in time.