Queens of the Stone Age Reveal Why Guitars Are ‘Going Extinct’


Queens of the Stone Age members Jon Theodore and Michael Shuman discussed the state of rock in a new The Spinoff interview.

Are you guys aware of what’s going on in the music world around you much? There aren’t really that many bands of the same ilk, I mean Foo Fighters have a record coming out, Royal Blood have just released a record but there isn’t a lot of good hard rock in general.

MS: I think we notice it most when we play festivals and you look at the lineup and number one: you don’t know most of the bands on there; or, there used to be rock bands that used to take the reigns, but like you said there are a bunch of bands, often our friends bands, who are putting out records this year so hopefully collectively we can get something going.

JT: It’s like guitars are going extinct in a lot of ways. Now it’s punk to learn upright bass or classical guitar.

MS: Play your computer real good…

JT: Yeah it’s a new world right now, and sometimes I feel like a dinosaur but most of the time I’m just grateful that we got started before this transition started – I mean we’re still firmly rooted in the world of guitar.