Corey Taylor Reveals Why Chris Cornell’s Impact ‘Was Only Really Felt After He Was Gone’


Stone Sour/Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor and Sub Pop co-founder Jonathan Poneman discussed Chris Cornell in a new Spotify video. Alternative Nation transcribed their comments.

Taylor said, “I was familiar with the ‘Seattle sound.’ You had bands like Green River that then became Mother Love Bone that then became Pearl Jam, Nirvana, or Tad, or any of the other bands like that, but then you had this incredibly heavy band [Soundgarden].”

“Here’s Chris Cornell laying it down in such a heavy way, that you’re just like holy shit.”

“His impact is really only felt after he was gone. Nothing will fill that void, nothing will rush in to fill that vacuum. He was an American icon.”

He also discussed performed “Outshined” as a tribute with Stone Sour, “‘Outshined; was the one we all agreed on. Honestly, we learned it the day we found out that he had passed. We were actually playing our first show together, and we were like you know what, we have to do something.”

Jonathan Poneman remembered Soundgarden’s first concert.

“For me, it all comes back to that first show. There were about 30 people in the room, and most of whom were sitting in chairs watching the band. He started off the show playing drums, then when he got out from behind the drums, I say this not to be sensational, but honest to god my reaction was: ‘Oh my fucking god.'”

“Chris’ voice not only cut through, but his presence was maniacal. I remember walking to the front of the stage and standing in front of Chris and introducing myself: ‘You guys are so good. Can I put your record out?'”