Faith No More ‘Humiliated’ At Metallica Concert


Faith No More are a band that we haven’t heard much talk about for what seems to be forever and a day. Recently, the classic alternative band made some waves again for a story that has been making its way around the music world.

The news of Faith No More receiving hate from wild Metallica fans comes from Guns N’ Roses drummer, Josh Freese. Josh speaks on how he saw Faith No More opening for Metallica and the fans just tore them apart and for no reason at all.

Josh Freese stated: “I remember in ’89 seeing Metallica on the ‘…And Justice for All’ tour, they had Faith No More open, and they got booed the f*** off stage. I was in high school, my friends and I go to see Metallica, and we’re going, ‘Dude, this band’s actually pretty cool.’ We’ve heard of them, didn’t know much about them…”

Josh continued: “But they don’t deserve that, people were like, ‘Oh, get the fuck out!’ I felt horrible. The next day, I come up – I’m living in Orange County, I come up to Zildjian Cymbals, and I walk in pretty early like 10 AM, after being at a concert in Irvine the night before. I’m in there, and there’s a dude with a backward baseball hat on and long dreads with a roadie-looking dude next to him, and they’re leaving. And they [the Zildjian people] go, ‘Hey Josh, how’s it going? You look a little tired…'”

Josh closes: “I go, ‘Well, I went out last night, I saw Metallica last night.’ They all kind of went, ‘Oh…’ And they look at their buddies down, and they go, ‘This is Mike [Bordin], he plays drums in Faith No More.’ I go, ‘Dude, that was not OK. That was f****d up. I was on your side, man, that was totally not OK.’ I’ve been friends with Mike ever since, but that’s the first time I met Mike Bordin, legendary drummer. He’s like, ‘It doesn’t matter who’s going out to open for Metallica. If you’re not Metallica, they’re going to tear you apart.'”