Rage Against The Machine Member Reveals Who Helped Pearl Jam Get Rich


In a new SiriusXM interview, former Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave guitarist Tom Morello revealed the name of the man who signed Pearl Jam to the big money record contract that helped them get rich.

The interviewer mentioned that in the early 90’s Rage Against The Machine got signed, got huge, and they weren’t sure if that could happen today.

Morello said, “No chance. That was the fertile period, like the person who signed Rage Against The Machine also signed Pearl Jam, and is the person that runs Mom and Pop Records, on which The Atlas Underground was released. Michael Goldstone, he was really the fifth Beatle for Rage in the beginning.”

“When we handed the record in, he said, ‘we want the single to be the one with 16 fuck yous and one motherfucker.’ And we went, ‘Well that’s a different approach, you just sort of out punk rocked Rage Against The Machine man!’

As far as commercial acceptance, we were [as mainstream as you could get], and that was a time where record companies would give great license to bands that had alternative points, it wasn’t called alternative music for nothing, that term later got [weighed] down, but it literally was alternative to the things that had been before in a commercially successful sense.”

You can listen to the clip below.

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