Slash Reveals If He’ll Return To Guns N’ Roses After Crazy Rumor


Slash has revealed that in summer 2019 he and Guns N’ Roses will look ‘at the overall game plan’ for what is next in a new Billboard China interview. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

“In January I’m coming back and touring with the Conspirators, and doing a couple of dates in China, Korea, and Singapore, then doing Australia and New Zealand, then a big European tour, then South America in May, so I’m really look at the world tour for the Conspirators on this next record. So that’s kind of the immediate thing that I’ve got going on, then after next summer we’ll look at the overall game plan for what everybody involved is.”

Podcast host Mitch Lafon tweeted last week about “unsubstantiated reports” that Guns N’ Roses were contributing to a new T-Rex tribute album, but acknowledged that it was just a rumor. Unfortunately, the crazy rumor is untrue, though the person shooting it down said it is possible that Axl Rose has recorded a T-Rex cover. Producer Hal Willner reached out to Lafon to clear up the story.

“Just wanted to clear up a rumor you wrote about re. Guns N’ Roses recording ‘Children of the Revolution’ for BMG and my [Marc] Bolan project,” Willner wrote on Lafon’s Facebook page. “They are not on the record. In fact, ‘Children of the Revolution’ is done by Kesha with a live orchestra that features Wayne Kramer and L.A.’s Jack Shit band that has members of Elvis [Costello] and Jackson [Browne]’s bands. There is a rumor that Axl Rose recorded that song for a different Bolan project without G & R, but again it is not ours.”

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