Rage Against The Machine Replacement For Shows Revealed


The 1975 are replacing Rage Against The Machine at the Reading and Leeds festivals.

Stoosh93 posted on Reddit, “Absolutely gutted and what a shite replacement. I’m getting a refund for my Leeds Friday ticket anyone else?”

“I’ve raised a complaint to get a refund. They are selling tickets on behalf of the festival. The Leeds official website says you can get a refund if there are any major cancellations or substantial alterations. I’ll let you know how it goes. I need a refund cause I highly doubt I’ll be able to resell cause anyone with taste doesn’t want a day ticket to see that shite.”

NYMerias said, “I know they probably only had so many options, but the two are worlds away from each other in terms of sound, message, intensity, everything really. I would be really disappointed…the UK fans don’t deserve that 😫”

supermonka wrote, “Don’t want sounds to selfish but this really was my favourite band when I was growing up as a teenager and their concert being on the same date as my birthday really did mean a lot for me. Not just to get smashed, it was really about hearing the voice of RAGE against the MACHINE! with Brexit, Ukraine’s invasion, just everything going on around in this goddamn world. I really wished we could just like for a moment feel empowered and get that rebel spirit back. feel really sad – was so looking forward to seeing MY legends live!”