Led Zeppelin Singer Takes Rest Room Photo


Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant has always been one of the genre’s good guys and he took that to the next level by spending time with a Ukrainian refugee before heading on the stage with country star Alison Krauss. The iconic lead singer was melted by the story of the refugee, whose name is Stanislav Tovstyi. Tovstyi told Plant how not only how he fled his home country of Ukraine to safety but how his son was still being affected and still stuck in that country’s war zone. Recently, a big name would discuss ‘the truth’ about Led Zeppelin.

The ‘Dazed and Confused’ singer would state: “My heart is with you”, the iconic rock star told the refugee. “I support Ukraine and wish you all the best,” he added before taking to the stage with Alison Krauss and putting the flag front and center.”

Plant, would also sign souvenirs for the refugee and take a photograph with Tovstyi near a rest room, which can be seen below. Upon hearing about the incident, the son, whose name is Max stated: “Robert Plant is my favorite singer and Led Zeppelin my number one band. I’ve loved them since I was a kid. As a professional musician, I can say they inspired me the most to get into rock music. “He told my dad that his heart was with us and was happy to take the flag as he supported Ukraine and wished us the best.” You can see the photo of the father and Plant together, courtesy of Max Tovstyi below.

In other news regarding Robert Plant, fans of the legendary Led Zeppelin frontman simply cannot get enough of his latest album with the aforementioned singer-songwriter Alison Krauss. The aforementioned ‘Raise The Roof’ which came out last year charted number five on the UK album charts. One fan would review the album by stating:

“Both Plant & Krauss are in great vocal form. Alison is sublime and Robert is on top form and he still has lots in the tank but controls it for the sake of the music. This gives his performance great emotional power. The supporting musicians are all top league and the production is top-notch. A really good album but some might find it a bit too restrained or laid back. I like it; great music doesn’t have to be all tonsils and wigging out. My only criticism is that there aren’t enough full duets because their vocals blend so well, hence four stars. Hopefully on their next outing together.” Below is the photo near a rest room.

Credit to BirminghamLive