Howard Stern Reacts To Awful Motley Crue Disrespect


Howard Stern reviewed the new Motley Crue film ‘The Dirt’ on his show recently, and he said it’s great. Robin Quivers said she doesn’t care about Motley Crue, and doesn’t want to see the film. What disrespect! reported: Howard said he’s excited about this movie called Yesterday on Netflix. He said it’s about a dude who is an Indian guy who is a musician who plays kid’s birthday parties and stuff. He said then a big blackout happens and he’s riding his bike and he wakes up in the hospital all fucked up. He said then he goes to lunch and he’s asked to play a song. He starts playing ”Yesterday” and the people don’t know The Beatles so he starts writing the Beatles songs for people who don’t know who the Beatles are. He said he becomes famous and they ask him to write a song on the spot on James Corden. Howard said this guy writes a song for a hot chick on the show. Howard asked when that’s coming out. Gary said it’s in June. He said the trailer is 3 minutes and 20 seconds. Howard said he thought it was on Netflix. Gary said it’s coming out in theaters. Howard said the trailer is great. He said it’s up on

Ronnie said he saw the trailer for The Irishman. He said that looks good. Howard said Robin has to get into the new Star Trek. He told Robin about some of the stuff they do in the show.

Howard said he was watching a YouTube video of a guy who saves a rabbit in a pool. He said this guy grabs a pool net and scops the rabbit out. He said the rabbit keeps running away from the net. Howard said the rabbit is stupid. He said if he were a rabbit he would hop on it. Robin said cats won’t let you rescue them either.

Howard said this guy saves the rabbit’s life and it’s just laying there. He said then it runs off. He said he realized that’s their concept of god. He said that God is the guy with the pool net. Howard said you’re over there drowning and the guy has to save you. He said if he doesn’t then you get pissed off.

Howard said he isn’t the only one who has seen the Motley Crue movie on Netflix. He said it’s good. Robin said she has to pass on that one. Howard said he liked the movie. He said he thinks Robin would like it. Robin said she doesn’t care about Motley Crue. Howard said it was a good movie.