Rage Against The Machine New Music Coming In 2022?


Tom Morello discussed Rage Against The Machine possibly recording new music in 2022 for their reunion tour in a new Loudwire Nights interview.

I don’t remember what protest it was or if it was a rally, it was a bunch of alt-right individuals, and there they were, blasting RATM as loud as can be. When you see that, you think what?

“Well, there’s a long history of people having no fucking clue what songs are about. From Woody Guthrie’s ‘This Land Is Your Land,’ which is a socialist, economic redistribution anthem, to Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born in the USA,’ which is co-opted by Ronald Reagan as this kind of patriotic anthem, which is really about how Americans deserted their veterans who came home from the Vietnam war.

“So it’s a long storied history of people having no fucking clue what the music is they’re listening to, and so it doesn’t come as any particular surprise that that song would be… It’s got good company with ‘Born in the USA’ and ‘This Land’ too.”

You’ve been working on all this music, so much new music, so many new people. New Rage Against the Machine, will anybody be hearing some new Rage Against the Machine when you go back on the road in 2022?

“That is a great question for you to answer. Ask the guys in Rage Against the Machine when you get them on your show, all four of us, when all four of us appear in your show, we’ll be happy to.” Ultimate-Guitar transcribed his comments.