Guns N’ Roses Icon Calls Bandmate ‘Bloated’ Mess, Is It Slash?


Former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke revealed why Duff McKagan was a ‘bloated’ mess on the verge of death in a new Riki Rachtman’s Cathouse Hollywood Podcast interview. Izzy Stradlin calling out a Guns N’ Roses replacement member was just revealed.

“I felt on the tour, as the tour was ending that the band was over. That was my honest intellectual conclusion: the band’s over. Duff physically looked terrible, you know, his alcohol abuse was terrible, he was bloated, you know? I didn’t think he had many days left.”

Fortunately, Duff and Guns N’ Roses are in good shape now, with a 2020 tour and rumored new album in the works. Slash just told KLOS, as transcribed by Alternative Nation, “Actually, we just finished a leg, and we’re going to start up again, but we’ve been home for about a month ago.”

He then discussed the evolution of his band with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators, and how the name ideas changed over the years.

“I’ve been with Myles Kennedy since 2010, so going on 10 years. What happpened was when I started out that particular project, it was a solo thing. When I got Myles, I wanted him to put his name on the bill so it was ‘Slash featuring Myles Kennedy.’

Then with Todd and Brent, that was such a major part of it, we thought we needed to name the band, so it just became a really long name. That’s what I’ve been doing until now, and then obviously I got back together with GNR in 2016, so I’ve been doing the two things.” Slash ‘firing’ a Guns N’ Roses bandmate at a restaurant was revealed last week.