Rage Against The Machine Reveal If They ‘See A Future’ With Zack de la Rocha


During his recent interviews, Tom Morello was asked on several occasions about the chances of RATM reunion, or simply his current relationship with Zach De La Rocha.

Asked by the Two Doods whether he “sees a future” between him and Zach, Tom replied that what is in Zack’s future right now is a solo record (transcribed by Ultimate-Guitar):

“Right now he’s been working on a solo record.

“Whether I’ve been in the band with him on the stuff we’ve done together and the stuff he done on his own is spectacular, and I’m looking forward to hearing whatever it is that he comes up with.”

Tom also told The Guardian:

“Artists work at their own pace.

“We only made three studio albums of original material. Outside of Rage Against the Machine I’ve made 13.

“It was important to get Zack’s blessing [for Prophets of Rage] and he was lovely to say, ‘Go get ’em.'”

Tom told Music Feeds:

“No, there has not [any progress with talk of a full RATM reunion happening any time soon].

“I mean, like, there’s been ample opportunity for Rage Against the Machine to play over the course of the last 25 years, it just doesn’t happen [laughs] you know? It’s like, it just doesn’t happen.

“But the good news is that with Prophets of Rage we honor the legacy of Rage Against the Machine and we Rage-ify the Public Enemy and Cypress Hill records, and now we’ve also made our own music for 2017 to be able to have a really potent cocktail.

“We were playing a show the other day where 22 of the 23 songs we played were big singles. It’s the kind of setlist that we can put together – it’s like a Paul McCartney setlist [laughs] – it’s like, ‘Oh, I love that one! Oh, I love that one! Oh my gosh!’

“And then having all of that experience in our other bands and in Prophets of Rage too, to be able to make this record that we’re really proud of in 2017, is pretty awesome. And we look forward to getting down there and playing it.”