Britney Spears Shows Behind In Booty Shorts


Popular singer Britney Spears recently took to her Instagram account and posted mirror selfies and a video clip with husband Sam Asghari. She believes that she always looked tall or taller than her husband.

Her caption read:

“The pics I’ve taken while out with Hesam I’ve always looked just as tall or taller with him … so this pic was pretty interesting !!! He’s like two heads bigger than me 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤧 !!! If you swipe you will see what me and my assistant do in rain storms … 80’s nerd music 🎶 !!! Don’t be jealous of my skills 😒😒😒😂😂😂 !!!”

Meanwhile, Britney and Sam have received a warning from animal control after her Doberman, Porsha, escaped her California mansion and bit an elderly cyclist.

Porsha was gifted to Spears by husband Sam Asghari with the promise that she will be trained to protect his wife from ‘any motherf****r with bad intentions’ – got out of the couples’ $7.4 million Thousand Oaks home on Thursday, TMZ reported.

The outlet reported that their sources noted the dog came across a man in his 70s who was getting off his bike in the area and bit him before a member of Spears’ security team got a hold of the pooch.

Animal control then reportedly contacted Spears, Asghari and their security team, warning them to make sure Porsha doesn’t get out again.

On Friday night, Asghari posted an Instagram video thanking the Dog Says Animal Search and Rescue group for finding Prosha and another one of their dogs who had also gotten out and were located 5 miles away.