Cameron Cloutier of Obnoxious and Anonymous interviewed the Mayor of Snoqualmie in an exclusive sneak-peek of forthcoming exciting events in the real Twin Peaks location planned for the next year and beyond –

“Twin Peaks” Scavenger Hunt / Meet and Greet / FWWM Screening:

North Bend and Snoqualmie Scavenger Hunt and FWWM screening

Mayor Larson discusses the filming in the town which went on for a couple of months, involving local businesses and townsfolk and how much they enjoyed having the Twin Peaks production around, meeting the director David Lynch. He also discusses how the production was keen to use all of the real locations like the Sheriff station building, the Double R diner and old mill buildings.

In other news, guitarist David Locke has been releasing some fantastic renditions of music from the Twin Peaks show and movie Fire Walk With Me –

For the latest Twin Peaks discussion, Twin Peaks Worldwide has been reporting on daily news and recent teasers from Showtime –

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In other news, one of the most illuminating pieces was in The Guardian about the return of Special Agent Dale Cooper:

“Cooper reminds us that feelings, when considered judiciously, are of great value in any meaningful search for truth. Yes, he’s a made-up character, born from the minds of David Lynch and Mark Frost; but works of fiction often abut with real life in meaningful ways. Our future depends on those whose minds are open, whose hearts are soft and whose devotion to justice is unswerving; in each respect, there is no better role model than special agent Dale Cooper. So welcome back, Coop. You deserve those doughnuts.”

The Guardian on Agent Cooper

Showtime has just released a new teaser trailer with one new shot of the woods at the end and some deep rumbling noises –

The trailer brilliantly encapsulates the mystery but also makes very clear some ‘spoilers’ from the first two seasons, so as to lead viewers straight into the new show.

Watch out for owls in the roadhouse and keep your eye on the doughnut as Twin Peaks is released in May – we’ll be back with more news and reviews very soon. Thanks for reading! – James Woolley at Twin Peaks Worldwide – Twin Peaks Worldwide Page (Facebook)