Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Anthony Kiedis Discusses Hillary Clinton’s Health Problems


Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis discussed the U.S. Presidential election in a recent Finnish interview with ILE. Alternative Nation translated Kiedis’ quotes, so they should be taken as paraphrases.

“We strongly backed Bernie Sanders. He was a truly exceptional candidate: Reliable, intelligent, empathetic.”

“In the past 130 years, ever since the onset of industrialization, U.S. presidents have been puppets for billionaires like Rockefeller. Those with the money decide who will be the President. Bernie was not available for purchase.”

Kiedis said he is not a fan of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

“It’s like having to pick between two poisons.”

“[Hillary] fell ill, which may have surprising effects on the outcome [of the election]. What matters is how quickly he gathers strength, and manages to give a strong impression in the TV debates.”

He also said Trump isn’t taken seriously and is seen as an entertainer.

“We look at him as an entertainer. If Trump is lying or saying something outrageous, we think that now he is just some sort of actor.”

He also discussed being a musician giving his views on politics.

“If I’m a celebrity, I’m just trying to speak truthfully. I’m not a politically active artist. I make music because I want to create something beautiful and positive for this world. Politics is, after all, quite depressing.”