Van Halen Icon Reveals Truth About KISS After Lip Sync Allegations


Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience last week, and he discussed the KISS farewell tour, where Paul Stanley has been accused of lip syncing by fans on message boards and some famous musicians including an implied accusation by Nikki Sixx, but Paul Stanley has defended his singing on the current tour. Roth had high praise for KISS, despite what some of the haters have had to say.

David Lee Roth looked at a picture of KISS in 2019 on tour, and commented on their platform boots.

“Wait, those are new and improved costumes too, they’re digital.”

“That’s got to be hell on your lower back.”

“Stanley is still in shape. This is where I failed, I should have gone KISS and Blue Man Group years ago. To those of you who are my age, Lassie, there should be four of me.”

He later discussed Bruce Springsteen and his Netflix special. Alternative Nation reporter Mike Mazzarone transcribed his comments.

Roth: I don’t know is [Bruce] Springsteen better during the song or in-between? [Rogan is seen thinking] Careful, we are going to the Broadway show.

Rogan: Yeah, yeah… [Roth laughs]

Roth: That’s about a twelve thousand dollar ticket now, and I’m guessing, I’m guessing before T-shirts. I haven’t seen all of the show, I’ve seen some of it on Netflix but the very pivot of it is the in-between songs.

Rogan: Yeah.

Roth: The songs are almost secondary, you know? They are almost peripheral to his narration, his descriptions and his poetry.

Rogan: Well he is such a deep guy. You have to hear the in-between stuff, you want to hear him brood, you want to hear him talk, you want to hear him think about things.

Roth: Yes, and where do you learn that?

Rogan: Where do you learn that?

Roth: {Shrugging] Get ready, I’m going to count to thirty-thousand, Joe and when we’re done you’ll be able to sing like Springsteen.