Red Hot Chili Peppers Fans Furious At Major Announcement: ‘That’s Bullshit’


When Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea’s book Acid For The Children was announced several months ago, it was described as a book that would document his career in Red Hot Chili Peppers. Now, Flea tells EW that it will not cover the Chili Peppers at all. “It’s my great hope that it could be a book that could live beyond being a celebrity book or a rock star book and just stand on its own as a piece of literature,” Flea says of Acid for the Children, which he describes not as a memoir, but as an origin story: “It ends where The Red Hot Chili Peppers begins.”

Fans on the RHCP Reddit are pissed, especially ones who pre-ordered the book expecting Chili Peppers stories.

slickj101 posted:

Ok.. Not saying I won’t read it or it can’t be great but is this what they promoted it as before? Either that or is it a case of Flea announcing he’s writing a book and everyone assuming it’s going to cover RHCP?

zwanmonster posted:

The original official announcement from the publisher explicitly stated that the book will cover the tumultuous creative journey of the band.

slickj101 posted:

That’s some bullshit then.

zwanmonster posted:

I’m ready to cancel my pre-order. This is not what was advertised in the last 4 years since they announced this so-called ‘memoir’. A lot of people will pick this up and will be disappointed. Imagine picking up Scar Tissue and the last two thirds of the pages are missing.

anotherperfectwonder posted:

Just saw this, and I got disappointed. I don’t know why, it’s still Flea, I know I will enjoy the book. But I lowkey hoped we will have more RHCP stories from Flea’s perspective…

Frusciante23 posted:

Disappointing. Makes zero sense for a famous and world renowned musician in one of the most famous bands ever to write a book ONLY about the 1/3 of their life BEFORE the music.

Seems like I’d read the book and then at the end of it be like “alright that was interesting, but I’m ready to get started on the part of the book I’m interested in… which doesn’t exist”

DGOJG posted:

Not getting this anymore because of this, which sounds really shallow but honestly his life beyond starting to play with the band that is miles more interesting.