Watch Couple Get Married At Foo Fighters Show During “Everlong”


A couple in Dallas made their dreams come true during a Foo Fighters concert at the city’s Starplex Pavilion on April 21.

Billboard reports that Midway through a show, mega-fans Belinda Marie Rosales and Tony Rosales got married to the tune of Foo Fighters’ hit song “Everlong.” The romantic moment was captured on video, which can be seen in the tweet below.

“Hey @foofighters big shout out for being the band at your wedding. Thanks a million to the staff at the starplex pavilion for helping our dreams come true #foofighterswedding #bestfoodayever #davegrohl #foofighters,” Rosales tweeted after the concert.

Rosales later confirmed through Twitter that the marriage was legal, and described the experience as the “best day of my life.”

Chris Shiflett discussed the current tour in a recent Rolling Stone interview.

“Before the album came out, when we were doing a lot of festivals, we were doing really raw versions of the songs,” Shiflett explains. “In the past few months, we’ve brought in some backup singers for the songs on the record that have a lot of layered harmony vocal parts. We’ve never really done anything like that before, and it sounds really good.”