Vince Neil Girlfriend Leaks Sad Motley Crue Gym Photo


Motley Crue singer Vince Neil and his beautiful girlfriend Rain Hannah are focused on physical fitness this year, and Hannah has offered a look at how they feel before and after workouts. She just shared a meme photo that shows a cat angry ‘before’ a workout, and thinner and happier ‘after’ the workout. Vince Neil’s backside looked great in a new photo.

Natalie Franklin Berget commented on Facebook about the Motley Crue stadium tour, “Milwaukee sold out before I could blink. Hoping you guys get another date going. I’ve seen you more times than I will tell. Met you in August 2015 with my best friend. Have loved you guys for over 30 years! Rock on f***ers!”

Deanna Erzinger added, “I so badly want to see you guys! My lifes goal! Just cant find the cash to do it! I guess I’m gonna have to b there in spirit! You guys are so awesome! I’m so bummed out that I cant go. I will keep trying tho….cuz you are worth it to me!”

Teresa Lynn Hagewood wrote, “I’m so excited for y’all coming to Nashville, I’ve been a crue fan since I was a teen and always wanted to see y’all but timing wasn’t right , well now the timing was right I’ll see y’all in June!!!❤️❤️”

Rachel Barrera chimed in, “I cried the last time I saw you guys at your last show in Washington state, I thought I’d never get to see you guys play again! And now I got dam. Near front row seats to see this upcoming tour! Can’t wait!!” Motley Crue recently revealed if Vince Neil has ‘failed’ to lose weight.