Billy Corgan Reveals If He’s Leaving Smashing Pumpkins


Billy Corgan revealed why Smashing Pumpkins bandmates James Iha and Jimmy Chamberlin are key to him making good albums, but also why he regrets not just being a solo artist from the beginning, in a new SiriusXM interview.

“[Chuckles] That’s a really beautiful question, actually. Well, this is bad psychology, but I think I looked to the bands I’ve been in as this sort of defacto family. I’m not very close to my family – more so closer now that I’m older and I have kids and stuff – but growing up, I wasn’t really that close to my family.

So I think the band became like a second family. And I think I put a lot of feelings and vibes on that family that they didn’t necessarily want – they just wanted to be in a band, they didn’t to be my cousin. But yeah, as far as an artist, I’m probably in many ways best working on my own or maybe more like how Bowie worked – you just work with different collaborators and if they inspire you, great, and if they don’t, move on to somebody else.

But I have this really interesting relationship with Jimmy [Chamberlin, drums] and James [Iha, guitar] that goes back so many years. There’s something about it – when they’re in the room, the records just get better, so I feel very good about that. And I feel very comfortable with sort of balancing my own autonomy, my own ideas, with the band vision now, in our elder years.

But yeah, that’s a beautiful question; I probably should have been a solo artist – it would have saved a lot of problems. [Laughs]” Ultimate-Guitar transcribed Corgan’s comments.

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