Red Hot Chili Peppers Icon ‘Kicked Out’ Of Reunion Tour


Red Hot Chili Peppers played in Los Angeles at a memorial event on Saturday, and it appears that Ian Sheppard is out as the guitar tech, with John Frusciante bringing in Henry Trejo from The Mars Volta, according to Johnarthur99 on Reddit. John Frusciante’s reunion song with RHCP was just confirmed.

Matematiquequizas posted, “Why do you think John looked so subdued? Did any of you also feel this?”

sergiootaegui responded, “First live appearance back in 11 years. Small private event, chill, not a big production show with hyped up adrenaline. No chad, etc. Not sure if you were around for it or have watched the footage, but this is exactly like when he returned the last time. Back in those 1998 shows he was very subdued, uncertain, and finding his way back in again. You’d feel the same (I would!) I’m sure haha (and this time the expectations are WAY higher).”

Triflin-assHoe added, “Could you imagine performing live with a band you’ve quit three times for the first time in a decade? I’d probably be a bit subdued as well. Especially with the added pressure of majorly amplified social media THATS been waiting for this moment and talking and speculating about it for months now?”

Fox_009 said, “He’s been gone a long time and pretty much lived a life the exact opposite of this. He’ll probably be bare bones for a while, then once all his mojo is back, he’ll clean it up just like the last time.”

Rhcp1616 chimed in, “Someone already mentioned this, but I didn’t notice due to my excitement. He is wearing his guitar way higher than usual. I’ll Bet it slowly creeps down as the year goes on.” Dave Navarro joined a Red Hot Chili Peppers reunion show a couple of days ago.