Dave Navarro Joins Red Hot Chili Peppers Reunion Show


Red Hot Chili Peppers performed live with John Frusciante for the first time since August 2007 on Saturday in Los Angeles at Andrew Burkle’s memorial. Dave Navarro also reunited with the band for the first time since his 1998 firing. Navarro shared photos of himself with Frusciante, Flea, and Anthony Kiedis. Dave Navarro wrote, “Absolute magic. Photo: @toddnewman 2/8/20.” John Frusciante’s new RHCP reunion song was just revealed.

Tony Hawk wrote, “Today we celebrated the life of Andrew Burkle. He was a beloved son, friend and brother to the lucky ones that surrounded him. Because of him, @tonyhawkfoundation had landmark fundraising events in Beverly Hills for 10 years in a row and I am forever grateful for his support in our mission.

Thank you to the Burkle family for including us in your celebration of Andrew. His passion for life was contagious, and his spirit lives on through our work. A perfect example of Andrew’s magnetism was displayed this afternoon when this all-star lineup came together to perform Iggy Pop and Gang Of Four (and RHCP) songs in his honor. Thank you Andrew, we will miss you beyond words. #acbrox.”

Jane’s Addiction also performed at the event. Skth posted on Reddit, “I never in my life imagined that this would happen one day. Hell, i thought John coming back was just a far away dream, now he’s playing with Dave Navarro on stage with RHCP. How crazy is that? Is this real life? That’s fucking amazing, anyway. Crazy and amazing.”

EC3ForChamp commented, “If One Hot Minute was breaking up with your girlfriend and her seeing someone else for a while, to John this must be your ex inviting everyone back for a threesome.”

Lionthunder89 said, “Imagine John Frusciante, Dave Navarro, Josh Klingoffer and Zach Irons together on stage to finally give us the studio versions of Dosed and Easily live. My ultimate dream.” Red Hot Chili Peppers recently canceled a John Frusciante reunion performance.