Red Hot Chili Peppers Icon Releases Betty White Song


Josh Klinghoffer, the former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist, was among the many who paid homage to Betty White, who passed on this New Year’s Eve, seventeen days before her 100th birthday. In the following days, numerous people across the world wrote, spoke, played, or created in homage of Betty and her kindness, bravery, and her ever-inspiring life. A Red Hot Chili Peppers new music video photo also possibly leaked.

Josh Klinghoffer pays tribute to Betty White

On the night of Betty White’s passing, Josh Klinghoffer, a current Pearl Jam touring member, also took to Instagram to pay homage to the late icon through a cover of the “Golden Girls” theme song. In an emotional statement accompanying the video, Klinghoffer wrote (via NME):

“Thank You For Being A Friend”

From JK:

“Outside my window is the last dusk of 2021. Not quite sure what to say about this year. As always, it seems like it just begun and at the same time so much has happened this year, I guess.

“I’ll keep it brief. I had to be poked to check in here because my tendency, as some might know, is to stay away from these awful websites. As of my typing this, the good folks at ORG haven’t yet texted back about whether they can post this or not.

“There has been a lot of loss lately, a lot of endings. It’s happening all the time everywhere, but these past few weeks have seen the loss of a few important people in my life. I rarely feel like I have any wisdom to share, but the son of the creator of the show I have included the theme song to said this, and I think it’s just brilliant. He said (something like), “We are all experts at being exactly who we were the day before.” As it’s a beginning of sorts, tomorrow, perhaps try and do something differently. Make that call. Start that book. Go and breathe outside. Put an end to that fight. Feel. Try and mend some of the broken things you see around you, inside and out. Live life knowing you don’t have forever as all lives tend toward ending.

“A good friend of mine quoted a poem he’s fond of the other day. I stole a little bit from it. I don’t think he’d mind me sharing it here.

“Happy New Year…

“Thank you for being a friend.


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White won five Primetime Emmys and one competitive Daytime Emmy — as well as a lifetime achievement Daytime Emmy in 2015 and a Los Angeles regional Emmy in 1952 — in a television career that spanned seven decades and that the 2014 edition of “Guinness World Records” certified as the longest ever for a female entertainer.

But her breakthrough came relatively late in life, with her work on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” from 1973 to 1977, for which she won two of her Emmys.