Red Hot Chili Peppers New Music Video Photo Leaks?


It’s hard to keep a secret anymore in music and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are seeing that to be an ultimate truth as of late since their fans took an inch and made a mile out of it. We can’t blame them though as Flea seemingly is dropping some gold on us that we have to piece together ourselves to find out the mystery that lays ahead for everyone that is a hardcore Chili Peppers fan.

Recently, there was a lot of back and forth action going on in the Red Hot Chili Peppers stratosphere of a fanbase. Many pieced together some clues that led everyone else to believe that the band were working on new music, or better yet – a new album. So many clues were sprawled out to the point where everything just started making sense and it was incredible to watch. If a mystery needs to be solved, it’s a good idea to call out the Red Hot Chili Peppers fans for the nitty gritty work.

Now, the fans have moved onto a new mission of trying to piece together one giant clue that could lead everyone to knowing if a music video is getting done. If a music video is in the works than that means that a song is in the works. A song in the works usually means an EP or an album is to follow as well, so this is pretty big news if it’s what the fans believe it is to be.

Flea recently dropped a photo of him in some kind of face-mold to design a mask for him. The entire vision looks very Hollywood oriented and it looks like they will be using some really great material to make a mask happen for the bassist. Fans took the photo and posted it up on the Reddit boards which has everyone talking.

One commenter said on the photo:

“Looks like Flea bein’ Flea! Honestly…this could every well be a promo shot or music video. I hope the director of their first music video doesn’t decide to hide their (somewhat aged) faces. Show them all in their glory, and make sure it’s fun! I am looking forward to their first music video almost as much as the first single itself.”

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