Red Hot Chili Peppers Icon Suddenly Drops Out Of Tour


Former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Josh Klinghoffer suddenly was pulled from Eddie Vedder and the Earthlings’ tour after contracting the virus. He missed Vedder’s second Chicago show. Vedder was just threatened by a WWE Hall of Famer.

3Days reported on the Ten Club board, “I expect to be in the minority, but I thought the show was kind of a letdown after Wednesday.

Energy was good. Everybody sounded great. The band played gallantly, despite losing Josh. So, I’m not saying it was a bad show.

I think Josh’s absence hamstrung the band, and changed the setlist… possibly more than we know. Full disclosure, I went in hoping for something markedly different, not only from a Pearl Jam concert, but also from previous solo outings. This show was objectively that, but Wishlist, Corduroy, Porch, Falling Slowly, Society, Lukin, Smile, and RITFW made it feel overly familiar.

I also felt the overall band/crowd energy dropped off in comparison to Wednesday. Having a former Chili Pepper out of the mix didn’t help, but Andrew seemed less rambunctious, and Chad’s solo felt a little less wild. Wednesday I was watching multiple pinballs bounce around the stage. Thursday they rolled a little more.”

Another fan added, “Ed was in great voice and took the room over with so many great stories. He revisited the story of seeing his first concert there (Bruce) in 1977 and sitting in the very last row with his back against the wall. He said how they found the 2 people in those seats and they moved them down the front row for tonight’s show. awesome.

His 1982 Who story leading into I’m one was also great. Especially the part we he referenced it was going to be a long story so if you didn’t want to listen go to the bathroom or go get a drink.

Overall the new stuff sounded great and so many other wonderful stops along the setlist with Room At the Top, Long Way, and Tender Mercies at the top of the list for me.

Glen Hansard was sensational as always to open the show and watching just he and Eddie sing Society and Falling Slowly to open the encore was incredible.. also highlights for me. Falling Slowly brought me back to Alpine for PJ20 when I first saw them sing that together.

Echo the above – Andrew Watt is a freak on guitar! As Eddie said ‘you just wind him up and he goes’ and Chad Smith was so good as was Chris Chaney on bass.

Wishing Josh an easy and speedy recovery!!

Just a great evening and felt so good to be back at a show/venue like that… first time for me in over 2 years. Go see them if you get the chance and escape life for 2.5 hours.”