Red Hot Chili Peppers Member Injured At Beach In New Photo


Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea scraped his stomach a couple of days ago at the beach when swimming in the ocean, appearing to hit a reef.

Flea also recently tweeted, “Hey @kaj33 just listening to Clifford brown launch into a majestic soaring arc of a run on a chorus of Cherokee, and thinking its not so different than a skyhook! All that beautiful power feeling so effortless, but borne of thousands of hours of diligence, discipline and love.”

“The channeler of magical light BIG JAY MCNEELY has left this mortal coil. All the way from the LA central avenue scene to the heavens above. Rest In Peace beautiful man. Thank you for the big sound, got me vibrating, got me jumpin. ❤️??❤️?❤️??????”

“Happy in my heart I had the opportunity to play for for Pathways To Paris this weekend. I love trees, water, air, bluebirds with those little crowns on their heads. ‘Stop messing up the grounds they’re the only ones around’ – Captain Beefheart.”

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