Howard Stern Reveals What John Lennon Did To Michael Jackson


Howard Stern recently revealed on his show that John Lennon and The Beatles have topped Michael Jackson in all time album sales. John Lennon’s ‘intense’ last photos with his wife were recently revealed. recapped: After the break they played Elephant Boy singing 50 Cent’s ”In Da Club”. They also played Led Zeppelin’s ”Kashmir” as they were coming back. Fred inserted Gary Dell’Abate playing trumpet over the song.

Howard came back and said that Madonna is there. Howard said he’s very excited about that. Howard said she is in the building. Howard said he has been looking for her for the past 20 years or so. He said he’s been dying to get her on the show. Howard said the stats are irrefutable. Howard said she has sold 300 million records. She said she’s the 4th biggest selling of all time. Howard said Elvis, The Beatles and Michael Jackson are ahead of her. Howard said she’s the biggest female artist of all time.

John Lennon smoking a horrible drug with Ringo Starr was recently revealed. Howard said he has never met Madonna. He said he’s seen her in places but they have never talked. Howard said he’s never seen her in concert. Robin said she has. She said she saw her somewhere around there years ago. Robin said it was probably Madison Square Garden. She said she was at the premiere of Truth or Dare too. Howard said that was like the first reality show. Robin said she realized that something was different about her. Robin said everyone rushed to where she was when she entered the room. Robin said she had that kind of thing going on. Howard said he gets the opposite. Howard said everyone rushes away.

Howard said that you have to love Madonna. He said he’s been thinking about her for a week now. Howard said he has to get his questions out because he has a million of them. Robin told him to give her some breathing room. Howard said he will.

Howard saw someone come in and it was Jim McClure. Howard asked if she’s ready. Gary said 2 seconds. Howard wondered if she’ll throw up when she sees him. Robin wondered if she knows Howard and the show. Howard said he doesn’t think so. Howard said he’ll tell her he’s a doctor. Howard said he’ll say he’s Charlie Rose.

Gary and Jim were setting up different headsets and microphones for Madonna. Howard said he’s sure she won’t come in and say Baba Booey. Gary said they did introduce him to her as ”Baba Booey” and she did say ”Hi Baba Booey.” Howard asked if that is humiliating to him. Gary said absolutely not. Howard said they put Gary on a web site where they hook people up who look like each other and they keep hooking Gary up with black women. John Lennon lost huge money before his death.