Red Hot Chili Peppers Member Photographed Evacuating From Home


Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea shared a photo after evacuating his home on Instagram. Flea lives in the Los Angeles area, which is currently being hit by the devastating Woolsey Fire.

“We’re not sure if our house has burnt down or not, so we are taking solace in a good face masking.”

He also recently wrote on Instagram, “In a time of violence, chaos, and frantic miscommunication, all that matters is love. It is the only strength. Everything besides love is cowardice. Every act of love is turning us towards peace and freedom, every bit of light shone out into the air is lifting us all up.

Trying to give little of that this morning, and honored to be part of the beautiful sculpture of @thomashouseago …… by the inimitable @munaelfituri ……shine your light it is the power. make something, a smile, a painting, a hug, a book. We are all angry we are all scared, turn it into love give everything.”

He posted recently as well, “USA I love you I get lost in you I swim your rivers climb your mountains rock with your people pet your dogs sing your blues embrace your many flavors, smells, and colors I vote in you.”

View the photo of Flea and his daughter below.