Red Hot Chili Peppers Member Posts LGBTQ Photo


Red Hot Chili Peppers member Flea was recently spotted wearing a pink T-shirt in which it was written, ‘I’m gay’ with a picture of Allen Ginsburg. The band’s official Instagram account posted a picture in which he is showing a high-five gesture while having food.

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Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ Flea delivers a passionate speech

Flea recently delivered a passionate speech regarding American diner chain Denny’s. The Red Hot Chilli Peppers member made a guest appearance on John Mulaney’s six-episode show Everybody’s In LA. During the episode, Mulaney joked that Flea could be found anywhere in Los Angeles, turning it into a running joke and game throughout the episode.

After finally finding Flea, Mulaney gave the bassist the floor after saying he had prepared a speech. Flea began: “I just want everybody to know I was never lost. I was at Denny’s.”

Flea continued: “Is the name of this show What Is LA? Well, whether it is or not, I’ll tell you what LA is, LA is Denny’s, mother****er! Denny’s is a magical place and is a sanctuary in this town. It’s a microcosm of LA. It transcends all cultural and ethnics and economic boundaries. It’s a beautiful place. You can find everybody in Denny’s. I was just there.”

“There are all these beautiful Latino kids just coming from their prom, coming from their quinceañera. It’s a great place. Well, you could go there at midnight. People bring their babies there at midnight and you might go, ‘Well, they better take that baby home.’ You don’t know what they’re doing! You don’t know why that baby’s there. They might be locked out of their apartment. I know I’m locked out of mine.”

He concluded: “But what I really want to say is God bless Denny’s. God bless all those street musicians out there, put some money in their hat. And God bless this beautiful, filthy, glorious, sprawling city of Los Angeles.”

Denny’s react to Flea

Denny’s took to social media to react to Flea’s passionate speech, writing: “No one is ever lost when they’re at Denny’s.”

Flea delivered the speech as Denny’s continues to play a crucial special role in the music ecosystem. Back in 2013, Texan hardcore band Live Without went viral after hosting a gig in a Denny’s outlet that was due to shut its doors for good. The viral clip also sees frontman Kris scream the now-iconic line “What the f*** is up, Denny’s?!”

Since then, Denny’s has begun hosting more gigs, though sporadically, and has captured the attention of major bands such as Green Day. They have also helped a local booker pay for damages caused during a punk show at an outlet – and Blink-182, who performed at Denny’s last year.

Meanwhile, Flea and Red Hot Chili Peppers released two albums in 2022, both featuring a returning John Frusciante – ‘Unlimited Love’ and a follow-up, ‘Return of the Dream Canteen’.