Dave Abbruzzese Posts Song He Wrote With Eddie Vedder


Dave Abbruzzese is one of the former drummers of Pearl Jam. If you know the storied past that Pearl Jam and Dave have together, you know that it has its ups and downs just like any other relationship. Many Pearl Jam fans regard Dave as the best drummer that Pearl Jam has had, or at least they will acknowledge that Dave was around for the most influential times of the band. 

Dave Abbruzzese is very active on social media and it does seem to actually be him, rather than anyone actually running his accounts for him. Recently, Dave posted up a video of himself in the 1990s with Eddie Vedder as they did a rendition of the song, ‘Angel’. This song isn’t very well known unless you follow Pearl Jam pretty loyally, like many do on this website. 

The song was written by Eddie and Dave both. In the video posted up on Dave’s Facebook, you can see him playing the guitar while Eddie Vedder is doing a great vocal performance to really set things off. While Dave and Eddie may have had some bad times between each other which ultimately lead to the downfall of Dave being their drummer, you can tell that there was still love there. Dave wrote, “Yes, I remember what could have been…”

Eddie Vedder doesnt speak on Dave too much. In fact, we can’t seem to find the last time he really brought him up. Dave, however, seems to consistently post about the times that he and the rest of the band shared together when they were at their pinnacle as a band. Surely, Dave misses everyone in the band and you can tell this is true just by how much Dave posts about Pearl Jam and the times that he and the band shared together with other bands of that era.

We hope to see these two do something in the future as well. Dave recently reacted to Eddie Vedder’s ticket prices.