Steven Adler’s Feelings On Guns N’ Roses Reunion Revealed


SMNnews spoke with Chip Z’Nuff from 80’s power pop/glam rockers Enuff Z’Nuff last weekend to discuss original Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler, and he discussed a recent phone conversation he had with Adler.

SMNnews: Look at Guns N’ Roses out playing these shows. It’s good to see Duff and Slash and Axl bury the hatchet.

Chip Z’Nuff: Steven too, Steven is out there with them too. They’re doing it because they want to play. Sure they’re making a great load of money on that tour, they really are. But look at Axl’s vibe and attitude right now, a superstar singing with Guns N’ Roses, biggest band in the world, AC/DC biggest band in the world. Two of the biggest hitters right there in rock n’ roll — he’s keeping the flame going, he’s keeping it alive. I commend him for that.

I used to live with Steven, we lived together for 5 years. I toured with him, I’ve played gigs with him. He’s talked about this for years — Chip we should just get together and go out and play like we did in the early days, let’s do it for the fans. Who help provide us with a wonderful cushy life. And those songs are great, a template of how it all started. And I just want to be a part of it, I want to give back and say thank you to everybody who’s been involved in supporting us through the years. That’s the attitude.

Look at the tour, it’s kicking ass right now, they’re all having a great time. Steven called me from Slash’s bus after the Cincinnati show. You could just hear it in his voice how excited he was, all the enthusiasm there was he’s so happy about life, because it happened after all the years of sitting and waiting. The wounds have healed, they are back together again, and the shows are strong. And Axl has really showed me a different side of him. I have nothing but admiration for how he’s carried himself through this.