Roger Waters Reveals Why He ‘Abandoned’ David Gilmour


Pink Floyd legend Roger Waters recently spoke to the Global Consortium for Sustainable Peace in a new YouTube interview to discuss a bunch of topics. Here Waters discusses how, in his words, he was the person responsible for Pink Floyd’s highly acclaimed body of work and albums. Waters states how he ‘left the name behind’ but ‘not the work’ once he exited Pink Floyd. Alternative Nation transcribed Waters’ comments. Roger Waters leaks Pink Floyd Coachella reunion.

Roger Waters: That is a mantle that I’m proud of. You know, I was responsible all of those records and the fact that they are connected – when I left Pink Floyd I left the name behind but I didn’t leave the work behind. I’ve continued to do my work, such as it is as well as I can and will continue [to do so.]

Interviewer: That was 1985, correct?

Waters: 85, yeah so that was a long time ago. Yet, I’ve made four or five albums since then. Roger Waters ‘angers’ David Gilmour in backstage photo.

Fans recently took to the Pink Floyd subreddit to discuss how they discovered Roger Waters and the psychedelic legends. Fellow Reddit user GroovinWithAPictSee stated: ” It was 1993, I was fourteen smoking a cigarette on the street parallel to my High School, Craig Grabo comes over listening to his Walkman, and says I “have to hear this song…the dude is obviously smoking a joint…” and I put on his headphones and hear Don’t Leave Me Know for the first time. (Obviously, he isn’t smoking a joint, you just hear exaggerated breathing, but at the time I believed, or wanted to.) He lent me his dubbed cassette, and I took it home and listened to all the way through 4x with my mind legit blown. I went the very next day to Sam Goody and bought my own on CD, gave the tape back, and thanked him profusely. Thanks Grabo!” Roger Waters ‘huge mistake’ caught on video at show.