Red Hot Chili Peppers Singer Injured In Sad Photo


Red Hot Chili Peppers singer Anthony Kiedis was spotted in a foot brace after suffering an injury in a new photo outside Los Angeles’ SoHo House restaurant. Kiedis was joined by a much younger beautiful date.

The 13th anniversary of RHCP’s Live Earth performance was yesterday. Ac_cloud posted on Reddit, “What a great Live Earth was, I booked the gig, my mate ‘booked’ the hotel, only to tell me after the gig that he forgot to book!

Every hotel anywhere near Wembley Stadium was fully booked so we had to spend the night on a bench outside a train Station drinking JD to keep warm!

Was awesome to see Josh and John play together!”

Douguee said, “Reading the RHCP book you can tell that they were pretty tired for this concert and did it anyway. Still amazing though.”

IDontCheckMyMail wrote, “What did he say at the end, he apologized for being sick?

The crazy part is that they flew to Denmark after this show to play Roskilde Festival later the same day, and they did. I think I remember they almost cancelled but didn’t as they have a very “show must go on” philosophy. They probably should have, as it went on to be one of the worst reviewed shows in the history of the festival. They pretty much irreversibly destroyed their reputation in Denmark with that show. Such a shame, because they were so good on the previous leg of the Stadium Arcadium tour.”

PredisposedChaos chimed in, “Even crazier, they’d also played Paris the night before, three shows in roughly twenty-four hours in three different countries, no wonder they were exhausted by the end of that tour.”