Relative Reveals Why Chris Cornell & Chester Bennington Carrying Pain Became ‘Too Heavy’


Chris Cornell’s mother-in-law Toni Karayiannis posted a touching tribute to Chester Bennington on Instagram.

“Asked to be strong mother to both! Talinda was like my adopted daughter as I told her frequently!When my heart is breaking it is the hardest role I ever have to play! My mother forgot to teach me that!????#chriscornell #ChesterBennington #vickycornell #talindabennington #friendsforlife #godfatherlove I love you both I will protect you as w everything I got!That’s what Chester and Chris will want! My beautiful angel girls i try to understand something that’s not possibly understandable!?????????.”

She later commented, “One wrote! Experience taught me that almost ? present of these ppl suffered abused as children ,verbal or physical ,well over half ,have emotional problems, most have drug & alcohol problems! Just bec I’m use to it doesn’t mean it don’t hurt anymore! He said! They find love ,children ,family ,wives who adore them ,pamper them! Fans who give them beyond love! But when u carry that pain inside u all your life I guess one day gets too heavy!!

So pls follow my advise I know many many do! From the morning to the night since my son was born no matter what,I don’t forget to tell him u r the king of the castle! My golden child u r my prince and I’m so proud of you! Same to Cball to the point where they say ok ok that’s enough we know!?Next day again!?Only one, ChrisCornell , never told me is enough! He loved it he smiled he thanked me he refer to me as being my second son!Perhaps I was too late ?14 yrs maybe of unconditional love was not enough to erase the yrs of pain he carry??I came too late? The love of his life came a little too late??His addiction wrong meds took over along w childhood pain? Hug your children tight! Make them feel they gold as for sure they are your gold!?.”