Metallica Ex-Bassist Confirms ‘Terminal’ Diagnosis News


Former Metallica bassist, Ron McGovney recently took to social media via Twitter to respond to Connie Burton – the daughter of Cliff Burton’s late father, Ray Burton. Ray passed away at the age of ninety-four earlier this January. McGovney posted the following: “Sorry to hear that Connie. I met your dad several times. He was always very nice to me. My mother died 3 years ago yesterday at the age of 91. I guess our parents were about the same age. My condolences to you, your family, and friends of Ray. May he rest in peace.” Lars Ulrich wife recently caught with Metallica bassist in bad photo.

In other news regarding Metallica and Ron McGovney, on a recent edition of the ‘Talk Is Jericho’ podcast, McGovney discussed when he knew he was going to be replaced by Cliff Burton within the band. Metallica ex-bassist unloads on Lars Ulrich disrespect.

The one-time Metallica bassist told Chris Jericho: “That happened in… I wanna say sometime in the fall of 1982. His band Trauma came to play at the Troubadour [club]. Brian Slagel from Metal Blade had invited us to go watch them. So we were all sitting there watching them. And I’m like ‘Well, that kind of music’s not my kind of thing. It was me and James and Lars, and all of a sudden Cliff starts going into this solo. And they’re just like looking at him and their eyes are wide open. And I’m looking at them and they’re looking at him. And I’m like ‘This is the guy, this is it.’ So I kind of knew right at that point. Like ‘Yeah, this is the guy that they’re gonna go after, I can feel it. I could tell. I mean, he was just a thrashing headbanging crazy awesome bass player.”

Metallica bassist makes ‘quitting’ announcement. He later continued: “I knew that but you kinda put it in the back of your mind because you keep playing shows, you’re learning new songs. You’re playing all these gigs, you’re going to San Francisco, and then you see him play and I’m like ‘That is not what I was gonna do.'”

Credit to UG for the transcription.