Reluctant Zero “Hurt No More” Will Explode In Popularity


Written by Dustin Schumacher

Reluctant Zero has a uniqueness that I love to see. Via the EPK sent my way: “Northern Virginia-based Rock/Alternative quartet Reluctant Zero have announced the release of a compelling new single “Hurt No More”, released today. Anyone who has ever bent over backwards trying to help someone else should find the lyrical themes relatable.“

Directly from Reluctant Zero, they have opened up pretty heavily on their newest release: “Hurt No More is a song about someone trying to fix a problem that isn’t theirs to fix. I think, at some point in life, we’ve all felt compelled to help someone we didn’t know that well because we found something inside them that we connected with. Hurt No More tries to encapsulate that feeling.”

I really do appreciate the depth of their explanation for their track. Upon first listen of “Hurt No More” I knew it was a song that could easily explode with proper promotion and getting it as out there as possible. The song itself reminds me of a really good mix of All Time Low, Counting Crows, Dave Mathews Band, and The Maine. It’s a really good blend of 90’s sounds and last 2010’s pop-punk.

What caught me off guard in a really positive way was the use of the keyboard in the song. I really didn’t expect that to come through my ears and I was pleasantly surprised. I love being caught off guard in a song because it draws me back in when I’m just getting too comfy in a song.

Overall, great work here and I can’t wait to see what’s next for this band. With the proper promo and spreading of the word, they will for sure go far. Make sure to help us in supporting them as well as all of the artists you see us talk about here.