Smashing Pumpkins Make ‘Biggest Ever’ 2022 Announcement


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has revealed that the band’s Mellon Collie sequel coming in 2022 is their ‘biggest project’ ever in a new Instagram video, and revealed Jimmy Chamberlin will be a standout on the record.

EvilTimeBan recapped on Netphoria, “Can’t grab screen as he was talking to camera, but the main points were (ignoring the NWA etc stuff):

– Jimmy has tracked 31/32 songs, recording in Nashville
– They’ll start recording “in earnest” next week
– Should hopefully be finished in 5/6 months (!)
– Biggest project they’ve ever done
– They’ll be releasing the most songs at a time
– This album is more about Jimmy – lots and lots of Jimmy
– Music is hard to describe but is a mix of the old school and the new school
– He knows ‘some people were grumpy’ about Cyr and the approach to drumming but it won’t be like that on this one

5/6 months recording sounds more like it – rather than bashing through the songs in even 5/6 weeks, let’s hope he takes his time with this one and we get some dynamics, and good vocals.”

Smashing Pumpkins just released CYR a few months ago, and their Mellon Collie and MACHINA sequel is expected in 2022, featuring Billy Corgan, James Iha, and Jimmy Chamberlin.