Review: Ghost Color Soar With Queen Hooks & Nine Inch Nails Heaviness On American Book of the Dead


Sacramento post-alternative trio Ghost Color have released a new EP entitled American Book of the Dead.

The EP kicks off with “In Other Words.” The track has a melodic heaviness that brings back memories of The Smashing Pumpkins’ Siamese Dream. It sounds very modern, yet it also is a bit reminiscent of great 70’s classic rock like Rush and Queen, especially during some of the triumphant vocal hooks.

“Endeavor” kicks off with a hook immediately, and lyrically deals with overcoming fear and emotional trauma: ‘Pour out your heart you almost shed a tear.’ The riff definitely has shades of My Bloody Valentine.

“Stay Asleep” opens with a studgy distorted Trent Reznorsque riff before going into a dream like verse. The distortion comes back for the chorus, which has the soaring sound of a Freddie Mercury fronted Nine Inch Nails.

“Drives” bookends the EP, and it features some of Ghost Color’s best bass playing. The chorus is frenetic bliss, with a soaring hook and Deftonesesque riffage. There is a portion of the track with an ocean sound combined with distant haunting vocals, it then leads into a Billy Corganesque huge guitar solo. The hook is definitely the best on the EP.

Overall American Book of the Dead sounds very fresh, there are elements that call back the 70’s vocally, but also sound like modern radio rock, while musically the sound is equally diverse, with lush beautiful riffs followed by NIN heaviness. Alternative Nation highly recommends you check it out!