Rihanna Caught Lip Syncing In Super Bowl Video

Rihanna was caught lip syncing by fans at the Super Bowl halftime show, as the singer performed pregnant with her second child at the big name.

Rihanna and Kanye West are known for their past association. According to various reports, Kayne West is now an EX billionaire. What’s all the more surprising is that he was a billionaire to begin with. I personally thought maybe millionaire. But billionaire? Regardless, the reason for the dissolution of his Billionaire status may be partly due to the cancelation of his Adidas partnership. Sadly, for West, who claims to be a reformed Holy Bible believer he will not be able to complete a multi-million dollar private Malibu beach house project.

According to Radar Online via MSN Kanye West’s career isn’t the only thing on pause over his antisemitic fallout.

The rapper — who legally changed his name to “Ye” — has had to stop the construction of his mega million dollar Malibu beach house in the wake of losing his billionaire status. Not only has he lost his Adidas deal, but many others have likewise be terminated.

Ye bought the beachfront pad in September 2021 for a whopping $57 million. Do you know how many families could live from $57 million dollars? If 57 families who had nothing were given $1 million dollars, and each spent $100,000 per year, that would last each of those 57 families 10 years! And Ye is a reformed Bible believer? A TRUE Bible believer DOES NOT spend $57 million dollars on a property. But wait, there is more…

Renovations to the Malibu pad are nowhere near finished, after Ye gutted the property shortly after the purchase. Which means, he intended to spend even more money.  In the meantime, Kim Kardashian’s ex is dumping money at one of the priciest hotels in Beverly Hills.

The disregard for money by these persons during such dire financially times is sickening.

“Ye has mostly been living at the Waldorf for the past month with Juliana [Nalu, his new model girlfriend],” an insider spilled. FYI — penthouses range from $1,204 to $4,018 per night.

Despite blowing his cash to “Keep up with the Kardashians” – another non true Bible believing virtue – the source said his money situation is so bad that he had to temporarily pull construction plans on his “dream home”. 

Kayne, walk the walk and talk the talk. If you truly are a reformed Bible believer, ditch your self-absorbed childish ways, grow up and use your money for good.  

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