Riskee And The Ridicule’s “My Name” Is Thrilling Metal Rap Fusion


The UK has been on top of the music game for a long time. The UK influence has not only bled into American culture since the punk movement, but we also see drill rap making a huge come up in the US as well thanks artists pulling influence by many UK drill rappers. Now, it looks like American metal and UK rap have come together to create something that is unforgettable.

“My Name” by Riskee & The Ridicule is a thrilling fusion of modern hardcore metal and rap that pushes the boundaries of both genres. The song is a sonic assault on the senses, with heavy guitars and aggressive drums providing the perfect backdrop for the intense rapping of lead vocalist, Scott Picking.

The song’s opening riff is instantly recognizable and sets the tone for what’s to come. Picking’s rap style is incredibly steady and aggressive, with lyrics that are raw and unapologetic to all keyboard warriors out there. The chorus is a sing-along anthem that will have crowds pumping their fists and screaming along.

What sets “My Name” apart from other metal rap songs is the skillful blending of the two genres. It’s a hard balance for many. The heavy guitar riffs and pounding drums provide a powerful metal foundation, while the rap vocals add a very current vibe. The result is a song that is both fiercely heavy and undeniably catchy.

The production on the track is top-notch, with a crisp sound that highlights the intricate instrumentation and tight rhymes. This is the song that I feel is showcasing the band’s musical prowess, which will catapult them to heights not seen for a very long time.

A big standout to me in this track is the chugging guitars and short break-down in the middle of the song which really boosts this track so much. As of now, I’ve listened to the track three times on repeat. It’s really a gem that deserves its shine. Surely, fans of metal, rap, or both will find something great in this track. It should also be noted that this track will be featured on the forthcoming album ‘Platinum Statue,’ set to be released on August 25th, 2023.

Overall, “My Name” is a must-listen for fans of both metal and rap. Riskee & The Ridicule has created a bold and exciting new sound that will appeal to a wide range of listeners. This is a song that demands to be played at maximum volume and will leave you with a newfound appreciation for the power of metal and rap when combined.