Rob Schneider Exposes Neil Young As Fraud In Photo


Actor Rob Schneider has tweeted a link proving Neil Young has music on Spotify, proving he still being paid by the streamer despite his boycott.

Neil Young is lying to all of you. While that statement may be bold in of itself, it may hold at least some truth to it without pointing a finger directly at Neil Young himself because that just wouldn’t be fair at all. Neil Young went on a rampage talking about how he wanted all of his music removed because Joe Rogan had his podcast on Spotify voicing his opinion about the virus.

Now, of course, misinformation is never healthy for any side. In fact, the misinformation that has been presented on the Joe Rogan podcast could have led to a lot of bad things happening if not checked correctly. For instance, at least a warning should be said before the Joe Rogan experience starts let everyone know that everything on the show is matter of opinion rather than fact as many have taken it. This is not here nor there.

Due to all the fiasco, Neil Young asked for his music to be removed from the streaming service Spotify. The music was then said to be removed which had Neil Young fans all up in arms because they were not able to stream their favorite songs anymore. There may be a way around this however as not all of the music is gone as this was recently discovered.

It looks like some of the music from Neil Young is still available on the streaming platform if the music was included on such things as soundtracks for movies or anything of the sort. Not all of his music made the “hack”, but there are still some gems that can be found should you feel so inclined to take a look for yourself if you were to browse around for a bit to try to find the little Easter eggs that have been left.