Rob Zombie Was With Nirvana In Studio For ‘Nevermind’


Edited by Brett Buchanan

I recently interviewed former White Zombie bassist Sean Yseult for Alternative Nation, and the full interview will be up in the next few days. Below is the first part of the interview where Sean discusses Nirvana.

Speaking of your early stuff, I remember reading that Kurt Cobain was a fan of Soulcrusher.

“Yes he was and it’s really cool. Iggy Pop is a fan too. We knew a lot of the Sub Pop bands back then, we got to tour cross country quite a bit. During a tour we crashed in Seattle and met Bruce Pavitt, owner of Sub Pop who was signing bands like Soundgarden and Mudhoney. We even got to play with Mudhoney. We were friends with Nirvana and they even played around the corner at the Pyramid Club in New York City during their Bleach tour. I wish I had gone to see them, but I was too lazy to leave the apartment. You can also find a picture of Kim Thayil wearing a t-shirt of our EP Psycho-Head Blowout, which was limited to only 1,000 copies. On the back of it it says ‘eat my dust fuck face.’ But yeah were very into that scene.”

I’m sure it would have been cool to see Kurt live before he got famous.

“Yeah I remember around the same as producing La Sexorcisto, Andy Wallace was finishing up mastering (editor’s note: mixing) Nevermind. Rob [Zombie] actually went in and watched him master it with Kurt Cobain. I’m not a studio person so I wasn’t interested. But, yes it was cool to see Nirvana get famous. I have to say even though we didn’t have the level of success that Nirvana did, we did go from being a small band that played CBGB’s to a band on Geffen Records with massive crowds, right after that Nirvana record came out. Geffen is a great label.”