Van Halen Icon Confirms Tour With Michael Anthony


Former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony confirmed he will do major touring with Sammy Hagar and the Circle in 2020. A Van Halen member announced yesterday that he’s fired multiple bandmates.

“What a way to finish the full Circle jam tour, thank you Orlando for a great show last night!!! Big plans for next year, stay tuned and check out the circle Instagram page! #thecircle #ilovethisband #sammyhagar#jasonbonham #vicjohnson #seeyousoon#happyholidays.”

Hagar commented, “What a great show last night I love this band.”

Van Halen were expected to reunite their original lineup for a 2019 tour, but it was canceled before being announced. Some Van Halen fans on don’t believe David Lee Roth could pull off a reunion tour, and compared his situation to Robert Plant with Led Zeppelin.

T.B. posted, “The thing is, Plant has more or less repeatedly stated he’s aware of his vocal limitations in his older age and simply knows he can’t do the Led Zep stuff justice as he is now. He wouldn’t even sing Immigrant Song for the O2 reunion and a lot of what they played was tuned way too far down for him. Plus, a lot of the Led Zep material, especially from the first 4 albums is really no longer his thing stylistically by choice.

Bottom line, Plant has self awareness of his limitations as a singer and what fits stylistically for a guy his age. He’s over singing tunes that compare groupies to cars “on the show room floor. Dave still thinks he can pull that stuff off.”

An Eddie Van Halen bandmate revealed a sad funeral demand yesterday. Destructo3 responded, “I respect Plants desire to not want to tarnish their legend. Brutally hard to sing those songs. As a fan, I’m glad Dave is still willing to perform VH material. 2015 was special for me on so many levels, from Ed being sober and playing well, getting to take my Son and Daughter, Ed stoped and took a pic with my daughter etc… Never thought any of that was possible after 96 and 04. The positives outweighed Dave’s vocal issues by a LARGE margin.

Not a singer, but is there any question it would be 5 times harder to pull off Plants vocal performances on those classic Zep songs than Dave’s on the classic VH songs? And don’t get me wrong, while I recognize the greatness of Zeppelin, they don’t come close to VH for me. So I’m happy with what we got from Dave in 15 even with the occasional cringeworthy vocals.” Eddie Van Halen was disrespected last week by a big name after cancer rumors.