Robert Plant Calls Out Led Zeppelin Member ‘Drunk Driving’


Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant discussed his late bandmate John Bonham driving him in a chauffeur’s hat after drinking in the late 70’s. Plant made the comments in a Classic Rock magazine interview. Robert Plant also discussed a big name Led Zeppelin replacement.

“He had a six-door Mercedes limousine and it came with a chauffeur driver’s hat. We lived five or six miles apart, not far from here, and sometimes we’d go out for a drink. He’d put the chauffeur driver’s hat on and I’d sit in the back of this stretch Mercedes and we’d go out on the lash. Then he’d put his hat back on and drive me home.

Of course, he’d be three sheets to the wind, and we’d go past cops and they’d go: ‘There’s another poor f**ker working for the rich!’ But he was very supportive at that time, with his wife and the kids. So I did go back [to Zeppelin] for one more flurry.”

Robert Plant revealed his worst recent drug high recently. Jimmy Page wrote on social media a couple of days ago, “On this day in 1969, Led Zeppelin I was released in the USA. Produced by me and immediately following the historic run of concerts at San Francisco’s Fillmore.

The intervention of a new attitude for the airwaves ⚡️ This LP was to present four master musicians and the communion of music with no fear, no compromise and an audible statement that would be groundbreaking and radical. What’s your ultimate track from Led Zeppelin I?”

You can read the full interview at Louder Sound.