Robert Plant Creepy Restaurant Photo Revealed


Led Zeppelin icon Robert Plant was spotted in a restaurant by a fan last week, who took kind of a creepy photo. The fan who took the picture with Plant allegedly had an encounter with Plant where he, according to the fan’s details, “told her to keep walking” when he saw her Aerosmith shirt, a reference to the Aerosmith hit. Steven Tyler’s daughter took this new beach swimsuit photo

The banter can be  seen via the fan’s tweet, which is embedded below:

Robert Plant recently revealed what drug he smoked with Jimmy Page “when you’re out and you’re wearing an Aerosmith t-shirt and you run into Robert Plant. Robert tells you to keep on walking when he sees your t-shirt! Ok, on I go!”

In other related Robert Plant news, the Led Zeppelin frontman’s “Digging Deep” podcast is set to return this Monday with new episodes. Below is a preview. You can check out all-new episodes on  Tunes, Spotify, YouTube, and other podcast providers.

“You know, it’s amazing how some artists who are considered amazing lyricists and other people are considered great singers.  Some people never write a song. Elvis [Presley] never wrote a song but he could sing the hell out of everybody else’s. So the challenge is being to write and get behind how I was feeling and all of that stuff, and I think Tin Pan Valley, it’s probably a cock-eyed arrogance, that’s probably how I see it now.  Robert Plant discussed an awful diagnosis from a doctor last week.