Robert Plant Reveals Drug He Smoked With Jimmy Page


Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant was recently photographed with a fan, and the fan claimed Plant told her about a drug he smoked with Jimmy Page at a beach. Jimmy Page’s furious drug rant about a concert was revealed last week.

Siddhi Velankar tweeted, “How often do you meet @robertplantofficial at Amma’s kitchen and he tells you about the time he had bhaang with Jimmy Page on Juhu beach? Like whaaaaat?!#robertplant #ledzeppelin.”

CBC recently did a television report on fans seeing Plant around town in Fredericton. Bruce said, “I had a brief encounter myself, yes, so he’s in town. I just said, ‘Welcome to town, gentleman.’ Zach remembered, “We just kind of turned around and we could see this long, gray, curly hair and we kind of knew it was him.” Zach’s wife Laura chimed in, “He has the most beautiful, luscious hair. Magical.”

Zach added, “Illustrious, no frizz. Well controlled.” Laura asked, “Silky?” Zach answered, “Yeah, but not feminine.” Len said, “I don’t tend to get starstruck but Robert Plant is one of a few living legends that is so iconic, and we’re so fortunate to have them in our little neck of the woods.”

Robert Plant discussed an awful diagnosis from a doctor last week. Plant recently was interviewed by AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson on his AXS TV series ‘Life on the Road.’

Plant said about the early days of rock, “Cream, the Grateful Dead, the white blues thing was kicking in. And you had that great West Coast thing going on with Jefferson Airplane and stuff. You had a subculture develop, and we kind of attached ourselves to that. We didn’t have any social statements to make. We weren’t visionaries, in that sense. But we were, still by our age, at the time, still part of that huge movement of energy.”

Johnson said he felt guilty for asking so many tired Led Zeppelin questions. Plant sarcastically told him to feel free, “I can’t hardly remember any of it at all!” They also talked about “high-octane singing” of moments like the “call to arms” cry in Zeppelin hit “Immigrant Song,” Plant told Johnson, “If you want a job now I can put a good word in for ya!” Michael Jackson’s family revealed a bold Robert Plant photo a couple of weeks ago.