Robert Plant Reveals If The Rolling Stones Are ‘Finished’


Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant revealed why The Rolling Stones members Keith Richards and Mick Jagger ‘won’t lie down’ and are not finished in a new interview, though John himself is retiring from touring, but he likely won’t stay away from the music business. Plant made the remark in a Dan Rather interview, and Alternative Nation transcribed his comments. Jimmy Page made a ‘horrifying’ Led Zeppelin claim over the weekend.

“I too am part of a sort of sweep of energy, and my contemporaries are I guess Mick Jagger [and Keith Richards], Rod Stewart, and Elton John, people who won’t lie down exactly.

I think I’m still doing what I was cut out to do, the way I should do it. I shouldn’t turn and kind of join the corporate poodle of people waiting to dish it out. The car parking is 15 bucks, the beer is 10 bucks, and there he is, with plenty of makeup. That’s not why we did it in the first place. I think it’s okay, I’m doing the right thing.”

Eddie Vedder revealed a disturbing Keith Richards comment yesterday. Plant also said, “I can’t analyze or summarize myself really. First of all, I’m a very fortunate character who has been given a lot of gifts, and not all of them are evident. But to inquire, to have avid interest in the time and space in which you live, and to cherish it, and maybe that’s because I lost my boy. Maybe that was the gateway into manhood, because I had to have real shoulders, there was no more tea dancing.

So who am I, I suppose I’m a bunch of resonances from all of the things that have happened to me, and the back of it all being the kind of buffer that keeps me okay. It’s all abstract stuff that makes my songs come to life, and makes my life like it is. I don’t make these songs up as if I don’t know who I’m singing about. They’re not prolific and profound, really, they’re just meanderings from a guy whose got his eyes open.” A creepy Robert Plant restaurant photo was revealed yesterday.