Paul Stanley KISS ‘Fraud’ Finally Confirmed, Is He Done?


A KISS parody account for Paul Stanley, Pawl Stanley, was recently removed from Twitter.

“Damn, Pawl ruled,” Kissfaq user Den Dennis said.

“You know it’s funny. It’s kinda like, you can say that the emperor doesn’t have any clothes, but if you pretend to be the emperor, then you’re gonna get locked up in the dungeon. And speaking of the emperor’s new clothes, check out my new pumas,” Secretly Frehley said, referring to the Real Paul Stanley’s new shoe line. KISS Singer Paul Stanley leaks creepy feet photo.

Phyllis Simmons proclaimed, “I dont really care much about twitter. But I’d occasionally check in on Pawl… Sad.. So parody is not allowed now? Take a few of Paul’s actual personality traits and magnify and exaggerate them so you’ve got a silly exaggerated character of Pawl loosely based on actions and mannerisms of Paul?!? This is illegal now and not allowed? Wow.. I thought Paul was a good sport for APPARENTLY not being bothered by it and leaving it up there for that long?! If it in fact was him that took it down which of course it may not have been? The scarf wearing, brussel sprout cooking, Paulcasso painter – wouldn’t you like to know me?? Yes Pawl we did!” KISS show ‘absence’ surprises Paul Stanley fans.

In other Kiss topics, Kiss fans celebrated the life of legendary Rush drummer Neil Peart, who passed on today.

One fan noted: “I can only imagine how great seeing KISS and Rush together was back in the 70s. RIP Neil, good to see [the guys from Kiss] paying respects to him.” Paul Stanley ‘bloated fraud’ photo surprises KISS fans.

Josh Schmitton said, “This is so sad and unexpected. I’m so bummed. Nice of Peter to send well wishes. Rush always said good things about Kiss, even during times when few others did. I love the stories Rush has told over the years about their times on the road with Kiss.”