Greta Van Fleet Singer Ready To Front Led Zeppelin Reunion


In a new exclusive story with Alternative Nation, former Greta Van Fleet manager, Michael Barbee revealed that he believes Josh Kiszka would be ready to be a great guest reunion singer with Led Zeppelin, but that it isn’t the best idea for him right now. Barbee previously revealed why Greta Van Fleet fired their original drummer. It should be noted that Led Zeppelin almost did a reunion a decade ago with notable modern rocker of the time, Myles Kennedy, after Robert Plant rejected a 2008 reunion tour after their 2007 London performance.

“Obviously I think the boys have the utmost respect for Led Zeppelin. My guess would be no, he wouldn’t want to do it just because he would nail it. He’s gonna do a great job, and that’s not gonna help him. I’d like to see the opposite. I’d like to see Jimmy Page come and do a show with them.

Then it doesn’t have to be a Zeppelin thing. I don’t know what point it would prove for Josh to be a guest singer for Zeppelin because then it’s just feeding into the frenzy.”

Barbee why Greta Van Fleet weren’t ready for Saturday Night Live. In another piece, he discussed record label ripoffs.

Greta Van Fleet guitarist Jake Kiszka discussed ‘studying’ Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page’s riffs, along with many other legends, in a new interview with Masanori Ito. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

Jake said, “It was, you know listening to Elmore James, trying to play the slide and listening to Muddy Waters and all of those blues guitar players. That sort of got me into the British Invasion or you know how the English have interpreted a lot of the American blues music and just see the translation. So, I just did non-stop studying from people like Eric Clapton in his prime and As well as Pete Townshend, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Rory Gallagher and endless amounts of those.

I think it’s a culmination of a lot of those influences that sort of became over a period of time more my voice. You know, a connection of all these people and to find that sort of articulation applying – all these riffs from each person source started blending together and sort of became my style of climb. So yeah, that’s a never-ending journey I suppose.”