How Rock Legend Played Role In Kurt Cobain’s 1994 Rehab Escape Revealed


Neil Strauss has released an extended version of his 1994 Rolling Stone story on Kurt Cobain’s death on SteemIt. Below is an except of new content that has been added to the article:

Though Exodus is a low-security clinic, and Cobain could have walked out the door if he had wanted to, he had something else in mind. One of Cobain’s visitors remembers, “When I went to visit him, Gibby Haynes [of the Butthole Surfers] was in there with him. I don’t know Gibby, but he’s a nute. He was jabbering a mile a minute about people who had jumped over the wall there, stuff like ‘Bob Forest went over the wall five times.’ Kurt probably thought it would be funny.”

Below is another excerpt:

Four days later, Cobain and Love took a taxi from their home in Seattle’s Madrona neighborhood to the American Dream used-car lot near downtown Seattle. The taxi driver, Leon Hasson, says the couple fought the whole ride there. Still arguing, Cobain and Love entered the lot. According to lot owner Joe Kenney, Love was upset because, two days after they had purchased a Lexus on January 2, Cobain had returned it. Love wanted the car, but Cobain wanted something less ostentatious. Kenney adds that Love appeared unstable, and dropped several pills while walking toward a bathroom.